If you ever dreamed of starting your own business,sourcing products from overseas or even setting up shop in your own city using your brand name,or if you wanted to jumpstart your career in the Logistics or overseas purchase department fields,you might wanna keep checking this blog.

I started on the journey of importing about 5 years ago when i first went with my Uncle to China for exploration,at that time i was still young and i actually went there to have fun rather than work,but i discovered a fascinating world where everything is connected from manufacturing plants to workers to raw materials and so on and on.

I was amazed by the experience and i started to learn one by one making a different mistake each time and eventually i became good at this,i learned many different things that are essential to a successful import operation from China or even any other country because the rules don’t change,only the playground.

I decided to start this blog to offer to the world if even a small share of what i have learned during the years,who knows maybe i will be able to really help someone that is in need or who is starting to think about joining the Importing community.

There will be a weekly post on the site introducing you to the world of importing and all the steps needed to be a successful importer in the future,by learning the basics of market research,supplier screening,documentation,quality assurance,payment terms,delivery times and many many more to get you started.

Many Of the topics that will be discussed will include but are not limited to:-

-Wholesale Clothing,Electronics,Household Items and many more

-How to start a business in the import/export field and how to turn a profit

-What you need to know in regards to web hosting,social media marketing ,keyword research,market analysis,geographic competitiveness,e-commerce and supply chain management to launch a successful online store to increase your profits

-The origins of B2B and how to negotiate and deal with suppliers in any country

-The concept of International Business including starting a business,outsourcing your heavy tasks, and operating as an offshore company

-The list of the World’s Imports by the numbers updated monthly for your insider info to the world of trading

-More and more will be added

Resources will be added gradually as well that will enable you as an importer to plan and analyze your methods for more efficient importing procedures.

I will walk with you step by step identifying each and any problem that may arise during the process,and hopefully you will have me to thank for it.

The concept of Importing and trade has been around since the dawn of time but each day new methods,tactics and tips emerge that can make a drastic difference in the way you run your business,add to that the advent of technology and ease of communications nowadays have made it even easier for people to connect and start profitable ventures from the comfort of their own homes,which was what i was able to do today.

I started 5 years ago by moving to China,and today i can manage my company from anywhere in the world by phone or email with no staff and no extra overheads through the power of outsourcing,relation building and smart marketing tactics,but the playground keeps becoming competitive when the rules are the same,therefore those who are eager to learn and are hungry for information will be those that can thrive in a competitive economy governed by different kinds of buyers and sellers for products and services,i will teach you how to turn a service into a product and the opposite,today you need to keep your head up to be ahead of your game.

So what if there is a resource,one place that can provide this info on an updated basis based on experience and being on the field,what if there is one place that can give you the edge on all your international business and trading needs at anytime personalized for your own type of service or product ?

Well this is what i want to achieve with “Import Domination” this is the message that i want to deliver,and this is the value that i want to add to my community,so what are you willing to do to add value to others ?

I hope that this will be a growing community where we can all learn and share from our experiences and a place that we can go back to often to see how the world is changing around us and how we used to do business,and in this day and this age technological advancement is exponential which means that all the technology advancement that occurred during the previous thousand years might double in mere 100 years from now which is vast considering the increasing amount of people on our planet every year.

We will talk about business,we will talk about finance,we will talk about anything that makes us feel achievers and not listeners,let’s together be a part of the change,let’s for once pour what we know to those who don’t and together achieve success wherever you are.

So i urge you to please keep checking regularly for updated posts and i will be doing my best to make this site more user friendly.

In the meantime please head over to the BLOG section to get started with the new topics that we discuss here.

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