“Offshore Business In Hong Kong” Is it worth it ???

The Power of  an Offshore Business In Hong Kong

Did you know that Hong Kong is the best city to start up or expand your business? During this last decade Hong Kong has seen exponential growth in its infrastructure, technology, real estate and business development, so it’s no surprise to know that half of the world’s entrepreneurs have went there sometime to complement and expand or start their business ventures, which is similar to something I’ve done 5 years ago.

Starting up or expanding your business in other countries opens you for new opportunities to compete with others who are already making names in the industry. If get set off hearing words like business taxation, registration, auditing, compliance laws and other technical mind-boggling commercial jargon, you should know more before worrying too much. So let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard about Establishing An Offshore Business In Hong Kong?

The Core of Establishing An Offshore Business In Hong Kong

Establishing An Offshore Business In Hong Kong can lead you towards having a great investment on the long run. After all you do enjoy a sense of freedom not available within the boundaries of other countries. Having the peace of mind while conducting business is a sure way to boost your productivity, now I don’t know why, but most people hear the word offshore and assume something shady or illegal is happening in the background, to those people I want to say “You are deeply mistaken”. Offshore Banking is one of the best and most safe methods you can use to your advantage to connect with and reach anyone in any place in the world, after all getting a virtual address in Hong Kong + A corporate business account that can be managed online from anywhere in the world can set you up the quickest for starting your business ventures and testing out the waters with minimal cost and risk, now the best thing of all related to that is that you don’t pay taxes, YES , ”No Taxes”. That is the beauty of this model. Now let me explain what I mean so that there is no misunderstanding.

Assuming you have got your account setup with a corporate name that you have registered will cost you in the range of 1,000$, if you conduct any business activity within HK like buying or selling goods within HK territory then you are obliged to pay taxes, BUT if you just use that account to transfer money to suppliers in Hong Kong, Mainland China or anyplace in the world and sell these products back in your country and collect the proceeds in that same account you are not liable for any business tax whatsoever except for your country of residence or the country in which you sell in “Sales Tax”

So why choose Establishing An Offshore Business In Hong Kong over any other offshore place?

  1. It is easy and inexpensive to open up a business here.
  2. This city houses major finance, services and trading centers of the world.
  3. They don’t have any restrictions given to foreigners starting up a business in the city.
  4. You are not even required to have a physical address or be physically present to run your own company or establish it in the first place !
  5. Offshore Business Entity Establishment in Hong Kong prevents you from complicated tax structures and audit risks.
  6. You can easily recruit highly skilled staff here in the city without ever meeting them.

So how can you set up for your offshore business?

As already stated above, setting up for your own business is just easy. All you need to do is to have a copy of your passport, state your name and address, pay for fees and have a yearly audit for your business. It will also be best if you will be able to determine what will be the type of business entity is it. You can choose from Branch Office of an Overseas Company, Limited Liability Company, Joint Venture or Partnership or Sole Proprietorship. The entire process of applying for  Establishing An Offshore Business In Hong Kong can be done by:

  1. Looking for an organization that focuses on companies owned by foreigners in the city – this is the easiest option that most companies have chosen. It may cost you a little bit higher but at least you have the peace of mind, making it easy for you to just focus on your company.
  2. Search Google for offshore business lawyers in Hong Kong and you should come up with pretty good companies that all provide the same service, and all interviews will be done through Skype video, now I won’t discuss names here of companies I used as I’m not affiliated with any of them, but feel free to email me if you need any special assistance.
  3. China Law Blog has been there for a long time giving advice and counselling on any corporate matters regarding doing business in China or Hong Kong,i have no doubt that they can help you,check em out.

Doing business has never been easier, and getting an offshore establishment + a corporate bank account can make it easier for you to pursue your business and expand more easily in the future.


Good Luck







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